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Kerry Massage Therapeutic Oil Blends - Available Now!

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Choose from Seventh Heaven, Ground and Meditate, Calm, Man, Woman, Digestion, Comfort, Brain Health, Circulation, and Respiratory Health. Retails at $40 for 30ml.

Ingredients and Descriptions

Seventh Heaven - This floral yet crisp, earthy, and slightly menthol therapeutic grade essential oil blend helps to balance symptoms of anger, sadness, and depression. Lavender reduces depression and lowers your heart rate, Yuzu promotes a more positive and focused mind through serotonin production, and Roman Chamomile soothes the body and mind. Massage onto the upper abdominals (solar plexus), chest (heart center), and back of the neck.

Ground and Meditate - This deeply grounding therapeutic grade oil blend is perfect for meditation practice or when you simply want to feel at peace. Frankincense takes your spiritual journey to a higher level. Buddha wood creates a layer of protection around your auric field. Cedarwood will ground you. Bergamot will prepare you by easing any anxious or depressive thoughts and rosewood gives you a positive perspective on life. Apply a few drops to the back of the neck, soles of feet, and anywhere it feels right to you.

Calm - This mildly sweet, floral, smoky therapeutic grade essential oil blend will help ease your anxiety due to stress or hormone imbalances. Geranium and Vetiver help with anxiety. Cedarwood is very grounding. Apply a few drops the size of a quarter to the chest (Heart center) and solar plexus (the space below your sternum and above your belly button).

Man – This warm, spicy, smoky therapeutic grade essential oil blend helps to balance male hormones. Roman chamomile and clary sage boost testosterone, Thyme increases progesterone. Vetiver, bergamot, and other oils relieve anxiety. Apply a few drops to lower abdomen below the navel.

Woman - This refreshingly floral, sweet, musky, therapeutic grade oil blend helps to balance female hormones and any discomfort during menstruation and menopause. It also helps lower stress and relieve anxiety. Apply a few drops to lower abdomen below the navel and lower back/sacrum.

Digestion – This earthy, spicy, woodsy therapeutic grade essential oil blend helps improve digestion helping any stomach and intestinal discomfort. This blend can also help with nausea and constipation. Apply a few drops to the abdomen, and the soles (starting from the arch to the heel) of the feet.

Comfort – This citrus, mildly spicy, and refreshingly penetrating therapeutic grade oil blend eases muscular aches and inflammation and may help ease arthritic pain and inflammation as well. In my practice, this oil has also been known to bring comfort to my clients under mental stress. This may be due to the mood-balancing/stress-reducing benefits of grapefruit and the grounding properties of cedarwood. Massage a few drops where needed.

Brain Health – This warm, fresh, woodsy, yet sweet therapeutic grade essential oil blend supports brain health and function. I created this blend to help support my mother after a hard fall left her hospitalized with a brain bleed. Sacred Frankincense is the anti-inflammatory and increases oxygen in the brain. Grapefruit can help activate relaxation responses in the brain and improve cognitive performance. Ylang Ylang boosts mood, reduces depression, and alleviates anxiety. Apply a few drops to the back of the neck, leading up to the bony ridge of the skull, and the toes (Reflexology brain points on the feet).

Circulation - This citrus and light camphor therapeutic grade essential oil blend supports healthy venous circulation. I created this oil to support my own varicose vein issues. The combination of these oils helps with proper circulation, as well as decreasing inflammation, aches, pain, and cramping. After using this oil for some time, I also noticed it helped my clients with improper energy flow. Meaning, if they were stressed out and closed up or pulled their energy inward, Circulation would open them up in a stable way. They were able to exhale, relax, release. Apply a few drops to legs to support long periods of standing. For stress-related use, apply to the chest, abdomen, and the back of the neck.

Respiratory Health – This soothing, gently menthol therapeutic grade essential oil blend helps with seasonal allergies, sinus, and lung congestion due to colds. Parsley is antimicrobial and detoxifies the body, while the peppermint and eucalyptus help to open up the lungs and fight clogged sinuses. Lavender reduces anxiety which can be exacerbated by breathing and lung issues. Apply to the chest area. Apply a few drops to clavicles for inhalation.