Your Yoga

For the beginner who has never tried yoga before, is uncomfortable in a class environment or has done yoga before and simply wants to fine tune their practice or create one. Breathing is addresed as well as Hatha/Iyengar postures, Vinyasa, and inversions. The environment is of acceptance and non-judgement. One's physical, mental and spiritual capacities are rediscovered and their bodies' abilities, especially to heal, are part of the journey.

Enjoy the benefits of group yoga at your home with your friends and family. Even if some of you are at different levels, modifications to poses can allow a small group to enjoy yoga at your home or a friend’s house. This could be a great bonding experience as well as more personal and comfortable for some of you learning yoga for the first time. These classes would bring attention to breathing, meditation, Vinyasa (flowing from one pose to the next using breath), alignment within each pose for safety and to bring out the best in you with each pose. Benefits of a consistent Yoga Practice: Build Muscle Strength which can build Bone Thicknes (preventing Osteoporosis), Become more Flexible, Ease Stress and Anxiety through Breathing Techniques and Meditation, Respecting and Appreciating your Body.

*If near Kerry Massage and Healing Space. Call for pricing if further away.

60 Minute House Call Rate*:

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