Firefly Cacoa renamed to Ora Cacao

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Bought a sampler pack from a company called Ora Cacao and since my first cup I have been a coffee-free person. I feel awake, steady, clear in my head and more balanced in my body. It’s pretty amazing! High in Theobromine, Magnesium, chromium, copper, calcium, manganese, zinc, sulfur, iron, and phosphorous.



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Massage can be relaxing, therapeutic, stimulating and grounding.


Aromatherapy is a form of therapy where the essential oils of healing plants are applied to the skin and absorbed into the body as well as inhaled. The oils are massaged gently to assist the lymphatic system in cleansing the body.

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The Meaning of Massage

When you walk through the door to Kerry Massage and Healing Space you will be greeted with a sense of peace and privacy. The tone is set where you are the complete focus from the moment you arrive to the moment you step out the door.

Once you have settled into your surroundings- absorbing the calming aromatherapy scents, music and candlelight- I'll listen to you and find out what brought you to set up this session and ask you what you hope to receive. From this, I will work with the bodywork style of your choice or tailor a session that will meet your needs.

Once settled on the table, I will work skillfully and intuitively, sometimes checking in and always suggesting that you speak up if anything feels uncomfortable or the pressure needs adjusting at any point. You have the best chance of healing your body if you feel comfortable, thus allowing your body to fully relax. You may speak and ask questions during your session or not, whatever feels right at the time. You may fall asleep if so inclined.

A 60 minute session means 60 minutes, not 50 minutes. I purposely book with half hour spacing between each session so that you can ease out of your session at a relaxed pace, use the rest room, ask questions, etc.

My goal: to create an environment where you forget the outside world for a little while, enabling you to relax and allow your healing and rejuvenation to begin. This to me is the meaning of massage.



Smooth warmed stones are placed on specific areas of the body to heat the muscles, detoxify the body and relax the nervous system.



Ear Candling is a very relaxing, nurturing and restorative treatment. This age-old remedy dating back to ancient Egypt assists in removing impurities as well as enabling the body to rid the ear of excess wax.



A science and an art based on the principle that there are reflex points in the feet that correspond to every gland, organ, and body part.



A combination of Toning Detoxifying Wrap, Toning Detoxifying Facial and Dry Brushing. Find out about packages and more.